Back in November, my mom gave me two concert tickets for my birthday. My favorite band, Bastille, was going on their “Wild, Wild World” tour and they happened to be playing at Mohegan Sun Casino, which is a 20-minute drive from campus. It was the perfect opportunity for me and my friend, fellow blogger Dani Maney, to get off campus and venture to this place in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Dani and I got a ride from a friend, but when wet got there, it took us quite a bit of time to navigate the overwhelming casino. We are not old enough to gamble—you have to be 21—but there is a ton of stuff to do, with a Ben & Jerry’s, Johnny Rockets and lots of shops. Still, finding our way around the vast expanses that are off-limits to those under 21 was a challenge, especially with the bright, exciting lighting, and crowds of people. Dani and I got a tad disoriented. Nevertheless, once we found the proper signs for the arena we were on our way. We found the ticket office, but before going to our seats, we stopped so I could get a black sweatshirt with Bastille’s signature triangular logo, as well as some stickers (one of which I immediately placed on my phone case). Then the real fun began.

I managed to get general admission tickets, which means we were standing for the concert, but also a lot closer to the band. We were closer to Bastille than any person sitting in the stands, so I was fueled with adrenaline for the entire concert. I also got really great pictures and captured some fantastic moments. Bastille is my favorite band, so I also knew all the words to every song.

At one point during the show the lead singer, Dan Smith, came into the crowd. Unfortunately, he did not come to the section where I was standing but it was still exciting to see him interact with the crowd.

Never heard a Bastille song? Listen here.