A photo taken from the study space on the upper floor of New London Hall showing the sidewalks below and Fanning Hall across the way
New London Hall
This has become my favorite day-time studying nook. Whether I have journaling to do for my Pathway course or I need to outline a paper, it’s the perfect spot to do some work while also enjoying the view of everyone walking between classes. For me, it’s a good thinking spot where I can brainstorm and look around. It’s also usually quite easy to find a quiet spot as classes are not always taking place on each floor. 

Lexi sits with her back to the camera facing the inside of a cubicle on the third floor of the library. She has her laptop out on the desk studying
3rd The third floor of Shain Library
The third-floor cubicles in Shain Library become my best friend when exam period rolls around or when I have reading for classes due. The third floor is the silent floor, where talking and loud noises are frowned upon. Personally, I need complete silence to be able to give my full attention to a piece of work and analyze it. It’s also convenient that the Blue Camel Cafe is right downstairs for when I need a pick-me-up!

Lexi's friend molly sits at a table in the Plex with her laptop and study material out.
Above Harris Dining Hall
The best part of living in North Complex (the Plex) is having a built-in study space. During winter or when I don’t have time to walk to the library, being able to head to these tables has been a lifesaver. I also find it is an easy meeting spot for group projects or to do work with friends. Molly (pictured) and I have had some busy nights here. When we get hungry we can walk downstairs to Harris Refectory and bring our dinner up with us to continue our work.