“1 in 3,” an interactive installation that examines the prevalence of sexual assault on Connecticut College’s campus through personal experience and research

By: Emma Furgueson ‘21 & Tatiana Wiener ‘21

Advising Faculty: Robert Gay & William Tarimo

Project Site

Emma Furgueson ‘21

Adviser: Robert Gay

Majors: Sociology and Psychology

Internship: Socialtyze, Los Angeles, CA

Tatiana Wiener ‘21

Adviser: William Tarimo

Major: Computer Science

Internship: Publicis Sapient, Chicago, IL


Project/Mission Statement

According to the World Health Organization, one in three women globally experiences sexual violence intheir lifetime, a shocking and staggering statistic. According to the National Sexual Violence ResourceCenter, more than 90% of sexual assault victims on college campuses do not report the assault. We aim to address sexual violence on campus, rarely spoken about and often silenced. The installation splits into two sides and takes the form of an interactive and sequential exhibit. The viewer will enter the first room, where they are made to feel uncomfortable by the ugly truth of sexual assault.

We demonstrate how "society" routinely gaslights women and does not take sex crimes seriously through the use of an audio essay and paper media--statistics, forms, etc., including results from a survey on Conn’s campus and a personal account of assault.

The second room mimics a "museum" of the described assault story the viewer previously read from the first room. Objects mentioned in the previous space are now on display in this new space. The viewer can interact with these objects, such as the sound of water when paper towels are touched, accomplished by using a Makey Makey sensor. After interacting with the objects, the viewer can sit in a chair and listen to Emma speak about her experiences using an iPod and headphones. The installation tailors the experience to the viewer where they have the option to listen or not. The choice is much like real-world situations where everyday people make the conscious and unconscious decision to not believe or listen to survivors. The last object in the room before the viewer exists is a notebook with a red pen. Here, the viewer can write their own experience or words and pin it to the exit back in the first room to mirror the wall of slurs. The goal is not to trigger but to make a statement that sexual violence is prevalent on our campus but hidden by a variety of forces. It is the duty of allies and peers to stand with survivors and the responsibility of the administration to hold abusers accountable.

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