Animated Appreciation: AR portraiture

By: Ellie Ebby ‘22

Advising Faculty: Nadav Assor

Ellie Ebby ‘22 painting

Majors: Art

Project/Mission Statement

For my Ammerman senior integrative project, I have painted various members of the Connecticut College staff in an attempt to honor who they are and the impact they have on our community. Each physical portrait comes to life with an animation that offers insight to the question “what animates you?” I created the animations by taking photos of the paintings as I worked on them, a process that involves about12 photos per second in each video. I then used the augmented reality app,Artivive, to connect the video with the physical painting, allowing viewers to see them both in a singular experience. Though this exhibition only highlights the epic hidden talents and exciting passions of six individuals, I hope that this exhibition will inspire others to thank and get to know their own unsung heroes.

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