Building Together

By: Brynn Bernstein ’23

Advising Faculty: Andrea Wollensak

Brynn Bernstein ’23 Ammerman Project

Major: Computer Science

Project/Mission Statement
Building Together is an asynchronous, embodied, massively multiplayer cooperative game that brings a community together to find joy in the realities and potential of mutual aid. This unusual context encourages players to consider the effect they have on their community and the effect their community has on them. Asynchronicity supports an understanding of mutual aid based not on love or pity for individuals but on an understanding of the way that everyone needs kindness and support no matter who they are. Embodiment encourages players to associate the lessons they’re learning with the communities in their everyday lives. A massively multiplayer capacity welcomes all from the most dedicated to the passersby, accepting players of all backgrounds and contributors on all levels. Cooperative gameplay reinforces the message that we need a thriving community to thrive ourselves, counteracting the myth of isolationism.

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