Comfort in Chaos: A VR experience about togetherness

By: Campbell Coughlin ‘22

Advising Faculty: James Lee

Campbell Coughlin

Majors: East Asian Studies

Project/Mission Statement

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, many of us resorted to using online video chat platforms like Zoom, Facetime, and Google Meets to keep in touch with loved ones. While this was effective for the first few weeks, many people still felt frustrated and isolated by not being in a physical space with other people. Although it is still difficult at the time of writing this to meet in-person with others, Comfort in Chaos creates a virtual field where users can connect with other people and change their environment by watering trees, changing the color of the trees’ leaves, and creating stacks of floating rocks for other users to discover. I used Unity to create this environment and Unity’s OculusIntegration asset to bring this world into virtual reality. Understanding our complicated relationship with technology is a vital component in understanding how we find comfort.

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