Destructive Behaviors

By: Rachel Maddox '16

Advising Faculty: Kenneth Prestininzi

A new play by Rachel Maddox ‘16. Directed by Hannah Boal ‘17.

“The capstone process has been twofold. First, it is about my growth and my journey as a playwright. I started putting my mental conceptualizations of this play to paper last spring during my playwriting seminar, and it was through this process that I was able to think in a deeper way about the nuances and facets of the story that I wanted to tell. The themes of Destructive Behaviors have to do with the implications of being a student of color in predominantly white classrooms. What assumptions are made? What is expected of you or not expected of you? This new play explores how those expectations can be internalized while also informing a student’s opinion of themselves. Furthermore, this effect on self-esteem can result in a small personal violence, which could ultimately lead to an unspeakable act of external violence.” 

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