Dreamscapes: An immersive audiovisual VR experience on sound and the future of simulation

By: Hatim Siddique ‘22

Advising Faculty: Nadav Assor

Hatim Siddique senior project

Majors: Psychology and Music, Sound & Technology

Project/Mission Statement

“Dreamscapes'' is an immersive virtual reality experience that allows users to enter and explore a virtual world that grows and evolves visually and musically in realtime. The project explores the existence of our physical reality alongside technological/virtual realities, how the creation and act of living in virtual worlds may dominate our future and the importance of music increating a sense of place, belonging and immersion. “Dreamscapes'' consists of a small 3D island, floating in endless space, which, through user interactions, will grow from a silent, dead and dark place, to a fully living, breathing and musicalworld. The project is built around a story about a girl who escapes the matrix by going into small virtual worlds (dreamscapes) inside her dreams. The virtual space in this project is just one of the many dreamscapes she went into, and we can see her experiences and memories through it. “Dreamscapes' ' was created using Unity and Oculus, with music being composed,produced and orchestrated by myself in FL Studio and various synthesis and effect programs.

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