Environmental Injustices of the Electronics Life Cycle

By: Seana Siekman '13

Advising Faculty: Jane Dawson

As a scholar in the certificate program of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment, Seana's senior integrative project (SIP) explored the environmental injustices that are caused by the electronics industry from the initial extraction of precious metals and minerals to the disposal of obsolete goods. She looked at both the basic environmental concerns such as pollution and water and land degradation, as well as social concerns such as health and safety issues. She then compared two possible solutions to addressing these environmental injustices: corporate social responsibility (CSR) and regulations. Through a comparison of two companies, Apple Inc., that employs CSR, and Nokia, which is guided by regulations, she determined that the regulatory approach leads to more immediate action and results, but that CSR leaves more room for companies to continue to improve their environmental rules and records.

Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment certificate program.

Related Fields: Environment, Goodwin-Niering Center, Environmental Studies, Global/International