Feed: An app for connecting with recipes

By: Ezra Norris ‘22

Advising Faculty: Andrea Wollensak

Ezra Norris Senior Projects

Majors:  Art

Project/Mission Statement

Feed is a prototype for an app and food ordering service that will teach cooking through the lens of community, with all of the branding and design elements completed. The softwares used to create Feed include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Xd,Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Procreate. The app will be a platform where people can share, compile, and save recipes, creating a cooking community. In addition to the app, there will be an optional food delivery service, called Feedbox.With this service, users will be able to order local and in-season produce and other ingredients they might want, connecting them with their local farms and communities. Feedbox will also include a recipe of the month, which will be submitted by someone in the local community, to highlight an important date or event within a culture in that community. Feed aims to teach people the wonders of cooking, and does so in a way that brings us together. The final prototype is a proof of concept, including wireframes of the app, prototypes of packaging design,a branding deck, and a video explaining the project.

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