Feel The Beat: Music from biofeedback

By: Adam Khan ‘22

Advising Faculty: Andrew Greenwald

Adam Khan Senior Project

Majors: Music & Tech and Mathematics

Project/Mission Statement

My project is an album created from the heart rates of my closest friends. I chose my closest friends as music has always been very personal to me; I wanted to create a personal project for me and those who know and understand me intimately. Using a pulse oximeter, I recorded their heart rates and asked them questions about themselves. The pulse oximeter recorded their heart rates into CSV files. Then, I created a code that converts the data from the CSVs into corresponding MIDI data using Python. For example, a particular heart rate would read to a specific note. I also used the heart rates to generate the tempo for the music. I modified the MIDI data and extracted melodies and rhythms to compose songs using Logic Pro X and my artistic liberties. My friends also provided input into what sounds they personally liked/disliked. I wanted to create music that represented both their internal selves and conscious decisions.Their reactions created auditory responses in the music, leaving the audience to ponder what was said.

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