“gARden,” an experience that includes augmented reality, sound, and interactive features that help create wonder and curiosity about the plant world

By: Carla Torres ‘21

Advising Faculty: Nadav Assor

Project Site

Adviser: Nadav Assor

Major: Botany

Internship: Art Department, Connecticut College

Recipient of the 2021 Ammerman Center Smalley-Zahler Award


Project/Mission Statement

By using Augmented Reality (AR), where digital media is placed on a real world environment by using a mobile device, tablet, etc, I have created a series of environments that merge personal stories and a variety of digitally 3D modeled plants.These environments are created to capture moments where individuals have felt personally connected to plants,

whether that connection is mental, physical, or spiritual.

Using software like Maya, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Aero, I have created spaces that emphasize specific memories and feelings. This interactive space allows the viewer to use their handheld device and explores the plant by walking, tapping around when prompted or

simply experimenting. Some touch triggers like tapping may induce a story to start, cause animation, to even “pick” fruit of a tree, allowing whomever views andhears the stories to experience a wonder and curiosity for plants.

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