'Heart to Heart,' a short film using computer animation and live action

By: Matthew Gentile '12

Advising Faculty: Bridget Baird

“Heart to Heart is a short film combining computer animation and live action. "Heart to Heart" is about two thirteen-year-olds, Hugo and Olive, who are falling in love with one another, the problem is – their hearts know it but they don’t! Combining traditional narrative filmmaking with 3D animation/modeling, motion capture technology, live dance and theatrical performance, "Heart to Heart" is Matthew’s Ammerman Center senior integrative project. Interdisciplinary in nature, additional advising has been provided from Film Studies, Computer Science and Dance. Matthew learned the basics of MAYA animation and Motion Capture in intensive workshops offered through the Ammerman Center and studied away during his junior year at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

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