Learning to Sing: An augmented memoir

By: Alexis Lynch ‘22

Advising Faculty: Nadav Assor

Alexis Lynch Senior Project

Majors: Art and Self-Designed Graphic Communications

Project/Mission Statement

My Ammerman Center senior integrative project focuses on my experience growing up with ADHD, in the form of a written,illustrated, and augmented memoir. In thirteen written entries, the reader explores myraw account of challenges I faced growing up having ADHD, paralleling my unique relationship with singing. As narrator, I thrust the reader into familiar academic and domestic situations, and from there, I reveal through writing and animation various confessions of how I truly felt about those settings and certain relationships. I’ve coupled each written entrywith an illustration which triggers a certain augmented animation to play over the illustration. Utilizing animation symbolizes taking control of a medium (animation)that I have greatly benefited from, yet at the same time have been hindered by. Asfor utilizing augmented reality in my SIP, the metaphor of the medium itself,revealing hidden layers, speaks to the idea that memories are subjective, and a medium like AR can reveal the truth behind certain memories. As an avid storyteller, I invite the reader to explore the stories leading up to one of the most pivotal moments in my life, that hopefully will inspire others to tell their story, or start writing it in the first place.

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