Meaning in a Word: Composition for Four Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drum, Marimba and Electric Sound

By: Jonathan Markson '12

Advising Faculty: Art Kreiger

"Meaning in a Word" is a composition for four electric guitars, bass guitar, drum kit, marimba and electronic sound that attempts to bridge the gap between Electro Acoustic music and Rock music in both its sonic surface and its compositional structures. "Meaning in a Word" utilizes a shorter form associated with rock music as well as the explosively emotive gestures that characterize Electro Acoustic composition. Typically, Electro Acoustic music relies on either a fixed media or algorithmic playback of its electronic sound. However, "Meaning in a Word" utilizes live playback and manipulation of each individual sound in order to subject its performance to a human feel cast among an ensemble of acoustic instruments.

Related Fields: Ammerman Center, Music Studies, Music, Sound, and Technology