(Re)Sequenced: A Multimedia Dance-Theater Experiential Performance

By: Scott Leff '20

Advising Faculty: Rachel Boggia

“(Re)Sequenced” is a multimedia dance-theater piece about my experiences in educational systems as a dyslexic individual.

Project/Mission Statement

My mission is to create art that inspires collective empathy. I want to make art that reaches audiences and communities, not just individual people. I am a storyteller. I believe that storytelling is the most basic method of human communication, and without stories we are just beings without a past and therefore without a purpose. I believe in the power of storytelling as a tool to inspire empathy, and I believe that there are many different ways to tell stories. My goal in making “(Re)Sequenced” is to analyze my experience in educational institutions, specifically the moments where my presence as a Dyslexic left me feeling unwelcome and unvalued. This piece is informed by the neuroscience of the condition, as well as the lived experience that comes from its circumstances.

As a dance, theater, and digital media artist, I focus on the ways people interact with themselves, each other, and their surroundings. I believe that theater is a form that allows complicated analysis of circumstance and emotion; dance is a form that allows for abstraction of a narrative that maintains a single focus; and digital media in a performance context allows for the bending of space in ways that seem to defy the laws of physics. Performance-based arts allow for a window of time where a group of people are in a single space. I seek to use the tools at my disposal to create an experience that allows for escapism, understanding, and movement towards a collective understanding of our humanity.

Additional Material

(Re)Sequenced: A Multimedia Dance-Theater Experiential Performance

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