Sonic Nostalgia: An Electroacoustic Music Composition for Cello and Live Electronics

By: Eric Stern '13

Advising Faculty: Ozgur Izmirli

This senior Ammerman Center (CAT) project, “Sonic Nostalgia”, is the performance of an electroacoustic music composition that Stern wrote for cello and live electronics. The performance of the piece utilizes Max/ MSP and the X-Box Kinect as an interface for the control of sound elements by tracking hand motions and gestures. In the performance, he uses his hands in free space to trigger and manipulate pre-composed audio samples. This project allows for flexibility and communication that a performer wouldn’t have when playing alongside fixed-media. The piece was performed in the music department's New Music Concert on May 6, 2013.

Related Fields: Ammerman Center, Music Studies, Music, Sound, and Technology