The Infinite Cracked Hourglass: a Dance of Retrospection

By: Moqu Alqudah ’23

Advising Faculty: Rachel Boggia

Moqu Alqudah ’23 Ammerman Project

Major: Dance

Project/Mission Statement
A collaborative work that boldly ventures into the realm of innovative stagecraft, seeking to create an artificial landscape that serves as an embodiment of personal past experiences within the Dance Department. Through an intricate web of motion tracking, projection, wearable technology, sound, and lighting, this project explores the intersection of dance and technology, shedding light on how the latter can serve as a potent means of movement generation while exerting a transformative influence on concepts of choreography, performance, and audience perception. This immersive experience effectively erodes the boundaries between the physical and digital realms, blurring them into an evocative tableau of human expression.

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