The Return: Me Koo Fie

By: Bempa Ashia '20

Advising Faculty: Shani Collins

An art piece that intersects my Ghanaian-American identity, dance, and technology to define the meaning of home.

Project/Mission Statement

My personal mission is to be as culturally creative and inclusive of my whole-self as possible in whatever I do. I want to provide an essence of intersectionality in the work that I do while educating others on the importance of highlighting the stories that aren’t being told as much. Also, I want my work to combat the lingering presence of imposter syndrome and thrive in the feeling of belonging in whatever space I take a part of. Lastly, I want to do everything with integrity and be my best self throughout the process.

My project, ‘The Return: Me Koo Fie’, previously a dance show, now film, is an art piece that searches to define the meaning of home. ‘Me Koo Fie’ translates to ‘I went home’ in my native Ghanaian language, Twi. My SIP allows me to be culturally creative while challenging me to look into my many identities throughout the process. Now, with the medium being changed from dance show to video, I’ve still made sure to emphasize the importance of staying true to my original message, the message of defining what home means and using technology and dance to portray that. With that being said, I am truly grateful for the Ammerman Center for continuing to challenge me throughout this process and dig deeper into my personal mission. 

Additional Material

The Return: Me Koo Fie

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