unblocked: An interactive game and installation about connection

By: Madison Ford ‘22

Advising Faculty: Nadav Assor


Madison Ford Senior Project

Majors: Computer Science and Art

Project/Mission Statement

Using aspects of game design, projection mapping, and installation art, unblocked is an interactive experience meant to connect people. The experience works as a 4-player game where people interact with “The Block” through their smartphone device. The Block is a physical monolith in the center of the room but is brought to life using MadMapper, a projection mapping technology. The Block acts as the moderator of the experience and prompts the players with questions and tasks that they answer on their device. After all answers are received, they are displayed on The Block anonymously. By using anonymity, I hope people will be more comfortable sharing their personal and honest answers. The group is then allowed to vote to reveal who wrote what, but the vote must be unanimous. This voting system is to encourage conversation to happen at the discretion of everyone in the group.However, this experience is only what the participants choose it to be, they all have the choice on how personal they want to be in their responses. Unblocked is meant to empower people to be vulnerable and introspective, as well as provide a space to relate to and empathize with others.

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