UN//REALITY: Depths of Self in Virtual Spaces

By: Emily Klingebiel '20

Advising Faculty: Nadav Assor

How can virtual reality disconnect us from our stresses and help us attain mindfulness?

Project/Mission Statement

As artists, developers, and collaborators we have a duty to listen carefully to the world. Art is a wide-reaching medium that communicates across boundaries: interpreting experiences, traumas, and joys, and reforming them into new packages for us to explore. It is our duty to consciously and intentionally develop our media, and to highlight what is important to us on a personal and emotional level.

With this project, I hope to show how virtual spaces can be used to make important changes in one's perception of reality. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I easily get overwhelmed with the world and its obligations. Finding ways to manage my anxiety and mental focus has been a challenging, multi-year experience, and I hope my virtually fabricated relaxation and interaction environments can help others through these stressful times.

Additional Material

UN//REALITY: Depths of Self in Virtual Spaces

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