As a Computer Science Leader at Connecticut College, you will be part of a program designed for students like you: community college and two-year college (2YC) graduates interested in earning a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (CS). As part of a cohort of transfer students focusing on CS, you will have the support of a close-knit group of classmates that will help you settle in and become an integral part of life at a small residential liberal arts college. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to engage in exciting and innovative CS research with faculty at Connecticut College, both during the school year, and during a funded summer internship.

Opportunities in computer science

Computer science plays a critical role in nearly all industries and fields of study, and this major will provide the foundation for numerous possible careers including academic research as well as opportunities like software engineering, web design, mobile app development, management or business consulting, and big data analytics. Students graduating from our CS program commonly enter industries such as internet services, telecommunications, healthcare, productivity software, banking/finance, and tech startups and consulting firms of all kinds, or continue graduate studies at research universities. 

Coursework is dynamic and student-centered, with small classes and labs. Learning is often project-based, with an emphasis on developing independent creativity as well as critical thinking skills. The Computer Science Department is very involved in interdisciplinary projects, working with other departments such as Anthropology, Art (and the Ammerman Center for Art and Technology), Biology, Botany, Ecology, Economics, Geophysics, and Music. The department emphasizes undergraduate research - you will have the opportunity to engage in novel CS research with faculty at Connecticut College, both during the school year, and during the summer.

Mentorship and support

The Science Leaders program will build on your interest in CS by providing thoughtful mentoring and support from our faculty and other science students, including career preparation and counseling and assistance applying to graduate school. In addition to the support within the Science Leaders program, you will have access to Connecticut College’s award-winning career development program and top-notch academic resource center.

Admission criteria

To be accepted into the Computer Science Leaders program, you must have demonstrated a strong interest in computer science. Before enrolling, you must complete the courses listed below at your two-year college with a grade of at least B+ in each of these subjects. Learn more about admission.

Financial aid

Our goal is to support outstanding students who could not otherwise afford to attend Connecticut College. At Connecticut College, your demonstrated financial need determines the aid we give you. Depending on your need, your family could pay less than you might at a school with much lower tuition and fees. Our highest-need students receive the majority of their aid in the form of grants that do not have to be repaid. Learn more about financial aid.

In addition to your financial aid package, you will receive $3,000 to fund a research opportunity or internship the summer before your senior year. This funding gives you the opportunity to conduct research and still meet your personal financial obligations over the summer. Learn more about our internship program.