See the College Catalog for a full listing of mathematics and statistics classes and course descriptions.

Students currently enrolled at Connecticut College can find syllabi for all recent courses on the College's syllabus repository.

Introductory Courses

MAT 105 Introduction to Mathematical Thought
MAT 108 Mathematics of Money
MAT 110 CC: Networks and Their Applications
MAT 111 Calculus A: Limits and Derivatives
MAT 112 Calculus B: Derivatives and Integrals
MAT 113 Calculus C: Integrals and Series
STA 107 Introduction to Statistics

Intermediate Courses

MAT 210 Discrete Mathematics
MAT 212 Multivariable Calculus
MAT 225 Ordinary Differential Equations
MAT 226 Linear Algebra
STA 206 Introduction to Statistical Methods
STA 207 Advanced Regression Techniques
STA 209 Introduction to Time Series Analysis
STA 234 Statistical Computing with R

Advanced Courses

MAT 301 Real Analysis I
MAT 303 Abstract Algebra I
MAT 305, 306 Selected Topics
MAT 309 Complex Analysis
MAT 310 Graph Theory
MAT 311 Advanced Linear Algebra
MAT 312 Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences
MAT 314 Euclidean and Noneuclidean Geometry
MAT 315 Topology
MAT 316 Probability
MAT 323 Theory of Computation
MAT 402 Real Analysis II
MAT 404 Abstract Algebra II
MAT 495 Seminar in Mathematics
STA 317 Mathematical Statistics
STA 334 Statistical Consulting
STA 336 Statistical Machine Learning

Service-Learning Practicum in Mathematics:  MAT 120, 220, 320

Individual Study:  MAT or STA 291, 292, 391, 392, 491, 492

Honors Study:  MAT 497-498