Students at Camel's Hump

Last weekend was Fall Break. I grew up in Vermont, only a few hours north of Conn, so I usually head home for a few days. This year was different, however, as I brought along friends from Idaho, Texas and Ecuador who would have otherwise been staying on campus. As close friends, they know my family makes maple syrup. (I keep an emergency supply in my dorm room and bring it to Harris for pancakes, French toast and waffles.) So, not surprisingly, their very first question was, "Can we go sugaring?" Much to their disappointment, sugaring, the process for making syrup, takes place in the spring.

Nevertheless, I dutifully played the role of tour guide, and introduced them to all the "Vermonter-y" things to do in the fall. We hiked Camel’s Hump (and appreciated the humor in doing so), picked apples at a local orchard, baked an apple pie (with the picked apples), devoured cider donuts, went to Ben and Jerry’s and admired the wonderful view of Lake Champlain from downtown Burlington.