"Purely pumpkin-like," "an impressionistic apple" and a Donald Trump-kin...everyone sees pumpkins a little differently.

'Twas the week before All Hallows' Eve. The air echoed with the cry of wolves and the cackle of witches. The clock struck midnight and many students took shelter, preparing spells for the spooky night to come. Deep within the hallowed halls of Connecticut College, however, those brave enough embraced the Halloween terror with PUMPKIN PAINTING. It was a scary night indeed, punctuated by the cry of, “My pumpkin looks like Donald Trump!” from my friend Emma.

My friends Becca, Emma and I decided to go to this painting event on a whim on Thursday night, after a long day of classes. It turned out to be a great decision. There was some occasional frustration but, overall, a lot of giggling and a sprinkling of silly Instagram pictures.

The event provided students with canvases, paint brushes, primary colored paints, advice, snacks and mock-cocktails. Students were then guided through the process of painting pumpkins and, in a mere 45 minutes, everyone came away with—well, something. My friend Becca ended up with what looks like an impressionistic apple, my aforementioned friend Emma came away with a snazzy, toupeed pumpkin, and I’d like to think that my pumpkin was purely pumpkin-like.