Fall Weekend at Conn has a lot of fun events. There’s Harvestfest, where a variety of campus clubs sell food and memorabilia; a cappella and music department concerts; Green Dot sporting events, which raise awareness for our domestic violence and sexual assault prevention program; and, this year, a keynote speech by Sloane Crosley, author of “The Clasp.”

If your parents are unable to visit, though, it can get a little lonely as friends are off with their families. Conn always hosts a dinner for those of us whose parents don’t attend. The meal was Jasmine Thai and Mirch Misala takeout for those of us in this situation, which is great. (I mean, who would turn down free Thai and Indian food?)

But I lucked into an even better deal: My friend Miranda and her mother invited me to hang out with them on Saturday. The highlight was a classy meal at the Norwich Inn and Spa. I was treated to a decadent dinner of green salad, tiramisu, filet mignon and molten chocolate lava cake. We sat for hours taking about art history, life in Portland (they’re from Maine), and our latest romantic interests. It was nice to dress up, get off campus and catch up with a good friend. So, an utmost thank you to the Shinns for taking me in for the weekend — I had a lovely time.