Students and parents browse Harvestfest.

As my father and I finished unloading our packed SUV in early September, I began to get rather nervous. My dad was getting ready to leave and then I suddenly shouted the words, “I’ll see you in October!” Was it really going to be October when I would see my family again? I grew rather upset because I am very close with my family. We have always been tight-knit, and what partially drew me to Conn was its proximity to New York City, which meant an easy trip home. Except, this semester, I haven’t gone home once!

Between attending classes, the course work that goes with them, my job at the Academic Resource Center, being secretary of Club Tennis, and the numerous Jewish holidays, I could not find a reason to go home. It was my choice to stay on campus for six weeks straight and use technology to fill in the gaps to technologically go “home.”  After six weeks, I got the chance to go part-way home: My parents came to visit over Fall Weekend!

As I embraced them, I knew something was missing from our usual group: my sister. Fall Weekend is a time at Conn where the campus community comes together to have fun, and to celebrate the season. It’s warm and cozy, which makes me think of my sister. We had always enjoyed Fall Weekend’s at her school, but this time she had graduated in May and had some work-related business to attend to. The whole weekend I thought of her as our trio dined, experienced Harvestfest, and sat on Tempel Green basking in the warm weather.

Now I am at home writing my post about my sister and us not spending Conn’s Fall Weekend together. Except this time, she is about to walk through the door, as we are about to create our own Fall Weekend. Except this time, we don’t have to eat in the cafeteria.