If you have to go to the Health Center, chances are you’re probably not chipper. Maybe you’re waddling in with a stuffy nose and a cough, or maybe you’re going to get a flu shot. Fortunately, here at Conn, we have a bit of a pick-me-up at the health center: two massage chairs.

I heard about these chairs prior to coming to Conn from a friend, who told me that he and his roommate would leave ample time to get to their classes so that they could take a break in the Health Center to use the massage chairs. Sometimes, they’d even build in enough time for massage chair naps. Personally, I’ve never had the gusto to visit the Health Center for the sole purpose of using the massage chairs, but I always utilize them when I visit for health-related reasons (which, when living with 2,000 other germy people, is relatively often). I have, however, been known to show up to appointments early so that I can thoroughly enjoy the benefits of the massage chairs.

The other day, I was in the Health Center waiting for an appointment when a friend came in and collapsed down into the massage chair next to me. He put the settings on high and extended the chair so that he was lying down. I had two appointments that day, and my friend stayed there for the entire length of my first appointment, occasionally making gurgled sounds suggesting that he was pleased. He (eventually) left in between my appointments, but I watched as a series of other friends came and replaced his spot in the chair. It was funny to see a line of people come and go. Some had appointments and others just came for the massage. When there was an overlap of friends in the Health Center, we discussed how humorous it was that everyone grouped around the chairs. The Health Center, of all places, became a social gathering spot. 

Not only do the chairs make being sick a little less miserable, but they also offer a getaway for students looking for a break. If you’re having a stressful day, you can stop by for a quick massage! It’s such a calming way to interrupt a routine.