Valentine's Day weekend was also the last weekend of regular-season indoor track meets. From here on out, it's championship season until we return to school following spring break. You might think that for the last weekend of the regular season, it would be nice to have a normal meet where the athletes can just work on trying to qualify for the upcoming meets over the next three weekends.

Well, that wasn't the case for us. All across a very snowy Boston, our team had athletes competing at two different meets over two days, with some athletes competing at all the meets. On Friday, our team was represented at the first day of the Boston University Valentine Invitational, and Saturday we had athletes competing at the BU invitational and the MIT Invitational.

Needless to say, our schedule was complicated. We had a document with the order of events at each meet and a list of who was competing in each event. A separate document listed our bus schedule and who would be on which route and at what time. This was important because half of the team got to leave early on Saturday and got back to Connecticut College at 3 p.m., while those of us competing later at MIT and BU had to wait until everyone was finished before driving back.

Even though everything was so complicated, the athletes and buses got through it, even with the giant amount of snow that was falling in Boston as we departed. The late bus even made it back before 10 p.m., which was nothing short of a miracle.

I should also mention that our whole team ran great throughout the weekend. There were 35 personal records broken, 9 qualifying marks, 2 school records broken and 1 tied, and two relay teams are now nationally ranked. All in all, a very good end to the regular season — now on to championships!