Condoms and Campaigns: The Politicization of Family Planning in Chile from 1960 to 2015

By: Sophie DeLevie-Orey

Advising Faculty: Leo Garofalo

The story of family planning and sexual education from 1960 to present day provides some indication of what can be expected for the future. Only a careful examination of the whole history can identify setbacks and avoid them in the future. The significant actors at the start of this story (politicians, women, doctors and religious leaders) are all active in the present day. Family planning choices and sexual education remain crucial measures to afford citizens freedom of decision, agency that can only be exercised through information. Detailing the moments in history when Chileans were denied these rights and precisely why this occurred provides implications for the future of Chile.

This honors thesis may be read in its entirety at Digital Commons @ Connecticut College.

Related Fields: History