The Adirondack Park: An Exploration of Space, Place, Sound and Home

By: Chelsea Preston '16

Advising Faculty: Andrea Wollensak, Caroline Park

An immersive soundscape of the Adirondack Park created using field recordings and 3D sculptures to alter the interior of the Manwaring Gallery in the Cummings Arts Center space and the way sound travels through it. The 3D sculptures were not only designed to mimic the shape of the mountains of the Adirondacks, but were also informed by the peaks and valleys of sound waves. Chelsea’s project was informed by her personal experience of growing up in the Adirondack Park. Chelsea’s installation was part of the Art Department Seniors Majors Art Exhibition.

Internship: Graphic design intern at Invisible North, New York, an experiential marketing agency

Related Fields: Art, Ammerman Center