No matter where you are on campus, chances are you'll find candy—and resources that will enhance your College experience.

I’ll admit it: I have a sweet tooth. Rather, I have sweet teeth. Fortunately, I have located many of the spots on campus with free candy. So, if you’re like me, here is a list of where to go to get your sugar fix. These places also happen to offer a lot more than candy.

1. The Academic Resource Center (ARC)
To be honest, the services here are far better than the mint candies. The ARC provides academic support to students such as tutoring, time management strategies, study skills—and, most recently, stress relief goodie bags! I meet with Sam Siegel-Wallace weekly to devise a plan of action to successfully complete my various assignments as a senior.

2. The Office of Career and Professional Development
Located across the street from the academic buildings, the office helps students make their next steps after college. Counselors in the office advise students on choosing their courses of study, searching for internships and jobs, preparing for interviews, applying to graduate school and more! I meet with my wonderful advisor, Dot Wang, a couple of times per month to discuss and approach my career and life goals.

3. The Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts (CISLA) Office
CISLA is one of the five centers of interdisciplinary scholarship at the college. CISLA enables accepted students to internationalize their majors. It provides them with funding to conduct an internship abroad. Students then connect their internships to their academic studies by completing an independent study or honors thesis during their senior year. I love stopping by the office to talk about life with Assistant Director Mary Devins and Internships and Publications Specialist Marybeth Sydor.

4. The Office of Student Accessibility Services
This office helps students with physical and/or mental disabilities gain access to the related accommodations they need to succeed at Conn. For example, students who receive extended time on exams come to the office to pick up the proper paperwork to give to their professors.

5. The Roth Writing Center
The Roth Writing Center is located on the second floor of Blaustein academic building. The center provides students working on papers in all academic subjects with one-on-one tutoring. Even as an English major, I take just about every single one of my papers to the center. The writing tutors provide excellent feedback that helps me produce my best work.

6. Information Services Technical Support
Although the IT Support Desk is located in the basement of Shain Library, the candy is in their storage closet in Blaustein. The IT support desk helps in all computer and technology related problems. I have brought my computer to the desk to seek help consolidating email accounts, reducing the file size of my transcript, clearing up space on my computer and more. 

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