Recreating The Posture Portraits: "Artistic and Technological (Re)Productions of the Gendered (Re)Presentations of Bodies at Connecticut College: Past, Present and Future"

By: Emily Green '18, Rishma Mendhekar '18, Joseph Castro '19, Laura Pratt Auburn University '17

Advising Faculty: Andrea Baldwin, Heidi Henderson, James Lee

This research project was awarded an Ammerman Center grant to conduct research on the posture pictures (nude photos taken of all students that were used to diagnose poor posture), taken in the 1920-1960s at Connecticut College and other New England institutions with the goal of presenting this research and crafting a performance that combines dance and technology.

The research team will be investigating the gendered implications of the posture practices, the movements and presentation of these gendered bodies, in terms of how these movements are posed, captured, and displayed. The team hopes to tease out any culturally historical significance and (dis)similarities to present day student life at Connecticut College, as well as to make future projections on what might the (re)production of these (re)presentations at Connecticut College look like in the next decade or so. The team is especially excited about incorporating interactivity into this project, for example, allowing the audience to trace the curves of the spine in any past portraits found, as well as recreated portraits; generate digital artwork out of those curves; and use this digital artwork as fodder for performance improvisation.


Andrea Baldwin, Visiting Assistant Professor, Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies

Heidi Henderson, Assistant Professor, Dance

James Lee, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Emily Green '18, Computer Science and Dance Major, Ammerman Center Scholar

Rishma Mendhekar '18, Computer Science and Art Major, Ammerman Center Scholar

Joseph Castro '19, American Studies and Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies Double Major

Laura Pratt, Auburn University '17, History and Art History Major, Women's Studies Minor. Laura's involvement is funded through Auburn University, Office of the Vice President of University Outreach.

Related Fields: Ammerman Center, Art, Dance, Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies